Thursday, 15 February 2018

EIGHT DESIGN STUDIO PTE LTD - Master in Renovating Homes

Every soul on earth has a clear picture of how their dream home will look like. Some have materialized their dreams while some are still waiting for the right time to come. Well the good news is your long wait is over now. Eight Design being one of the Best Interior Designers in Singapore is at your service guaranteeing quality service with satisfying end result.

They often come across various types of clients who have different types of demands. Some need their houses to be renovated to something more beautiful compared to the existing one. Some may need it to be renovated to its previous form before end of lease period. Eight Design has been in the business of Interior Designing for past 15 years. They are situated in Singapore and have done many grand projects here. Some of their work specimen can be looked up in their portfolio. Their service apart from interior designing also lay in the field of renovation. They are one of the most trusted Renovation Contractor in Singapore who serve to provide HDB Renovation services to their clients staying here.

Residential Renovation Singapore
Whenever they are renovating a place first they study the design of the place presently and then hear out the needs of their clients. Their main objective is to satisfy their customers and make them happy. So they use the modern edge technologies and traditional ideas to bring out a dynamic design that well incorporated their customer’s requirements.

Their in house crew consists of many talented and famous Interior Designer Firm in Singapore and their very own group of carpenters who over years have collected valuable experience through various projects. This knowledge base ultimately helps them to deliver quality work at the cheapest price possible. They always try to be sensitive and sympathetic towards the old design which they try to renovate thereby ensuring if possible and required some of the nostalgia is left captured in the place. Their designs are always a well-balanced combination of their customer’s need and their designer’s innovative thoughts.

They have done innumerable commercial as well as residential projects in Singapore. Their designs have brought them moments of pride and joy when they have been applauded and complimented by their clients.  Their customers have always happily and readily recommended them to their dear ones whenever they have come up with issues regarding interior designing.

Eight Design - Interior Designer

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